5 Sophisticated Dorm Room Enhancements

With these 5 dorm room enhancements you will easily separate yourself from the pack and compliment your BUTCH & harold stickr frames to bolster your own style and attain university-grade elegance.

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The Interesting List of Interesting Things

Interested in pictures? So are we. That’s why we’ve put together an interesting list of six interesting things about photography and art.

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Kick off Fall with 25% Off

Kick off Fall with 25% Off. Use coupon code STCKNSAVE25 . Valid through October 14, 2012 on any order.

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Like... Frame... Save 25%... Repeat

Did you know that using a Facebook App could save you 25% on our Stickr Frames? See how here!

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Olympic Inspiration

We were lucky enough to attend an event hosted by THE MOMS at an Equinox downtown to meet Olympic athlete Amanda Beard.

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Frame Yourself on Facebook

Get excited—we’ve just made Facebook even better! Now you can take all of your Facebook photos and frame them – instantly!

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The Experience of Sweet Bliss

With a new year comes new beginnings and new reasons to peel, love, stick and repeat. In 2012, we are glad to present two super fun styles for you that are truly both stickr frame and wall art at the same time: Sweet and Bliss.

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12 Ideas for Stocking Stuffers Some of Which Are Sticky

While it remains very true that our stickr frames, stickr pockets and stickr art all make wonderful gifts, we’ve taken time to eschew the fruitcake and search out 12 fun, quirky and sometimes sticky additional presents to add to your favorite person’s stocking.

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Tips for Using Lighting to Enhance your Décor

We have collected a few tips for you to consider when remodeling a room that make sure to keep lighting as a consideration.

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11 Famous Works of Art in 10 Easy Steps with BUTCH & harold

One day, while in a really artsy mood, we began to think—What if the museums and other venues that hold the most famous works of art in the world had access to BUTCH & harold Stickr Frames for the purpose of display?

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Introducing our Fabulously Practical and Superbly Stylish Stickr Pockets

Do you stuff your desk with a multitude of to-do-lists, birthday party invitations, handwritten notes, trinkets, or random pictures?  If so, this post is for you.

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4 Great Uses of Plants in Decor

There's more to decorating that just what's on the walls. With summer just a few days away, this is one of my favorite times to head to the nursery and see what's blooming.

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3 Ways to Hide Your Tech

Even those who embrace new technology can still be entranced by the throwback aesthetic. Here are some of my favorite digital vintage designs.

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Limited Time: BUTCH & harold Sale On Gilt

For a limited time, our wall decals are available in the Children’s section of, at never-before-seen prices! To take advantage of the special offer you need to be a GILT member. (But not to worry: Membership is free and they accept new members daily.)

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Kentucky Derby Styles: Equestrian Design

This past weekend marked the 137th run of the Kentucky Derby at Louisville, Kentucky's Churchill Downs. For a lot of people the occasion was just an excuse to indulge in one vice or another. However, for the horse lovers among us, the event conjures the romance and elegance of the equestrian world.

So what better time to show off a few of our favorite equine home decor items?

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Your Go-To Graduation Gift

Graduation season is upon us, and with it a host of new beginnings for the young people in our lives. Whether it’s new friends, a new school, or a new city, for almost all graduates the coming months will mean a new living space, and starting from scratch in the decor department.

However, you can give your favorite graduate a leg up towards feeling at home, whether it’s a penthouse or a...

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4 Tips for Letting Your Kids Design Their Own Room

Decorating a kid’s room can be a pain. Not only do you have to find something that goes well with the rest of the house, it has to be fun, easy, and resistant to the continued ravages of spaghetti, fingerpaint and wayward pudding cups. How can one parent be expected to manage all of these tasks without compromising their design integrity? Easy: don’t.

Let your child design his or her own room.

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Dorm Room Decoration: Four Tips Before You Head Off

When you’re at college, your dorm is much more than a bedroom. It’s an office. A dance floor. An impromptu infirmary on those too-bright Sunday mornings you spend sipping Gatorade through a bendy straw because you drank way too much…chocolate milk the night before. With that many functions, you’re going to want to make sure your dorm room décor is practical, stylish AND fun. Here are 4 tips to help...

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